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Some 20 years ago I had what might called mystical experience. When in altered states which I was not aware I spread my arms out wide the folded them across my chest then crossed myself as might in Christian church and bowed reverently. I have never crossed myself in church. I have attended Anglican churches in past but not in church now.

When asked by my wife “Do you know what just happened” I said I had no idea. As you might imagine has bit concerned, but yet intrigued by what had occurred, so I asked my wife the speak such thing happened again. It did one further occasion, and when asked “What is happening John” I replied “I’m in love getting the light” and again without know what was said.

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The first verse that came to mind was:

Unity in Spirit

We are unified in Spirit
Not by coercion of law
An old and sacred teaching
Do I bother you or bore?
So unless we accept in Spirit
There’s no acceptance real at all
Yes I accept in Spirit
Multicultural and all.

This was closely followed by:


There’s what I am and what I seem
And are not the same
One is of the Spirit
The other worldly gained
The world is of the Ego
Son of father of the lies
It lives in separation
True unity it hides
But revelation of the spirit
Sees beyond our worldly ties
Christ’s kingdom is not of this world
But in the truth abides
In truth you see there is but truth
All else by error made
And so you see the truth
That always saves the day.

The rest of verses follow in alphabetical order.
They may be read separately but I think you will more rounded view of messages I am getting if you read them all. I have found them to means of being transformed by renewal of my mind.

I should be pleased to receive any comments which you can send to me by completing the contact section

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