God The Good

No one of this world is good
When seen with spiritual eyes
For Christ’s Kingdom is not of this world
But in the truth abides
What is it that deceives us
But the fruit of worldly minds
Which are but false illusions
Come of father of the lies
So who then is our Father
The only one, the good
But God, the truth that’s sets us free
From our worldlyhood
And how do we find this good
This truth that sets us free?
But by living in the faith
Of God’s love through Christ you see
So come then let us live by faith
And a new creation be
No longer led by worldly minds
But by spirit to be freed
What shall I say when I meet the lies
That come of worldly minds?
But get behind me Satan
For in the truth I now abide
Yes I may stumble on the way
So need endeavor to the end
Which of course is the beginning
Before illusions came my friend
So then shall I put my faith
In what worldly minds now bring
Or die unto my worldly mind
And God’s truth forever sing?