In a Nutshell

What you see with worldly eyes
Is naught but worldliness
Is there another way to see
By which truth will manifest?
And is this not the vision
Of one we call the Christ?
And is he not within us
That we may seek and find?
For unless he is within us
And this true of everyman
Then we can never find him
And in truth to understand
Now I AM with you always
Or else you could not be
And you could never know true love
Or your divinity
For you and all creation
Are in the hand of God
Who is the all in all you see
Which cometh of above
Christ’s kingdom is not of this world
And never could it be
For it is what is called divine
Which truth will set you free
Salvation, should you seek it
Will come when you decide
To acknowledge that you are the law
Which surely needs to die
Now since the world saves not the world
It needs spirit to intercede
And with the help of Spirit
You may come unto me
But not by works assuredly
Can the truth be found
But only by the love of God
Can we find the surer ground
For no one of this world is good
When seen with spiritual eyes
And so we need to die to self
So we may come alive
For God alone you see is good
Lord Jesus once declared
And only unenlightened
Would contradict such words
And if you judge the Father
By the error of my ways
You cannot know of the divine
And know that you are saved.