The Sower and The Reaper

There is no separation between the sower and the seed
For as you sow that very instant the harvest you will reap
In Spirit there is no distance, in Spirit there is no time
So be wary of the seed you sow for what you sow is thine
You want to know forgiveness? well then sow forgiveness seeds
But only those sown sincerely can ever true harvest yield
And if you cannot yet sow seeds with a quality of divine
‘Tis better to acknowledge this and to leave it for a while
For surely all you’ll ever need is waiting to be revealed
And this is done in Gods good time it’s not up to you or me
And while you’re waiting on the Lord seek Holy Spirits help
And confess to him your short fall for he has abundant wealth
And help will then be given you, have faith and so believe
And in your faith a harvest will surely come to thee
And when you forgive forgiveness reigns over all the worldly darts
And a little more of heaven has come and you will have played your part
You are then a Co-Creator with one who’s called the Lord
And such blessing you will know right now and forevermore.