One True Light

The truly common bond we have and I speak now in the truth
Is that which is of Spirit and not of worldly view
Now this world is of the Ego, son of Father of the lies
It lives in separation true unity it hides
But revelation of The Spirit sees beyond our worldly ties
Christ’s Kingdom is not of this world but in the truth abides
The truth is we are sons of God and all come of the light
Thus our true contentment comes through renewal of our minds
Now you can say there is no God or that you can’t be sure
But the sun arose this morning and the sky is yet azure
Worldly way we owe our freedom to those who fought our cause
But fighting gives no freedom to that of Spirit’s shore
So if we would know of freedom which in truth all men desire
We need to rise above ourselves by knowledge of one true light
If we deny there is a God then we deny ourselves
Deny our oneness with the truth that all have on their shelves
And when all things are said and done there’s nowhere else to go
Except unto the Father who created all you know
So only in the Father who ever speaks the truth
Can we find true unity and peace and joy to boot
Now other things we call of joy have no lasting truth
Here today tomorrow gone and we’re left destitute
And so we’ll seek to find content, does intellect ‘er bring
Or does our Spirit’s treasure of everlasting sing?
Of course when we are in the world creation may enjoy
Do not these words but signify that creation is the cause?