Beyond Illusions Dream

To be a co-creator
I must first creation find
So I search within myself
Where God’s true spirit hides
And this is in us all my friend
Though worldly minds deny
But Christ’s kingdom is not of this world
But in the truth abides
Now in the truth there is but truth
So what can come between?
For this world, this worldly mind
Is but illusion’s dream
What’s that you say what nonsense
What nonsense do I write?
Well do you live by your own volition
Or by God which is the light?
For of the light we surely are
Whether yet known or not
For in all of the creation
Lives the love, the light of God
So let us relate as light to light
Which is our common bond
This is the place of unity
Which sings but one true song
Let’s see beyond religions
Which often others deny
And come unto the father
And be done with worldly lies
What deceives you brother
Is it not your worldly mind
Which judges by mere appearance
And the truth in others deny?
So then with a mind renewed
By light and of the light
I am a new creation
With a co-creator’s sight