A Case for meditation

What if there is in all of us
Something of divine
Whether or not we seek it
Whether or not we find
How then can I find it
Unless it is within
The Christ in you the Christ in me
The victory there to win?
Shall I take me to my room
Switch off my worldly mind
So I may find the secret
Hidden there behind?
Would then I be enlightened
With a true and renewed mind
And have another way to view
This world and all mankind?
How can I know unless I try?
What have I got to loose?
“Be still and know that I AM”
So very close to you
“Closer than your hands and feet”
For I am that before
All of the creation
Which I in love adore
Did this one we call our God
In error ever make
Even though we stray like sheep
Is there not for Heavens sake?
So let us live by what’s unseen
And give thanks to one Divine
So we may accept the truth of us
And be grafted in the vine