The Way to be

Old Limbo has been cancelled
And unbaptised not now condemned
Don’t tell be Rome has got it right
That they at last can see the end
And if they keep upon this road
They’ll come to understand
That in truth there is but truth
Which is the Promised Land
For God made not illusions
That which now seem to be
Which is but fruit of worldly minds
Our worldly minds deceive
For of divine we all are
Whether sought or whether found
Judge not by mere appearance
If you would wear the crown
Now I am with you always
Yes, I know it’s hard to see
But my kingdom is not of this world
With this you must agree
So then in faith come unto me
For I give to those who come
That which was given me
For that’s the way of love
But you cannot really come to me
Unless you have my mind
That truly is the way to be
To be at one with the divine