My Worldly Roundabout

If I should stray ten thousand miles
Be one farthest from God’s home
Would I be the one least loved?
Would my need be but my own?
No surely not, for loving
True loving will not rest
Until I see the light of day
And accept God’s true bequest
And although the world condemn me
And judge me for my sins
God will know a better truth
That lives with me within
For His love created
All that ever is
And in his hand the blessing
Which he forever gives
So who will be against me?
Except those in error yet
Those who have not found the light
The love true love begets
And although my hand half opened
I now begin to see
The error of my foolishness
Yet true love not held from me
So then in God I put my trust
And in those now in his house
Who understand the trials I have
On my worldly roundabout.