The guiltless Son of God

Do you have a Church bound guilt if you do not toe its line?
Have you been so brainwashed that your reason has resigned?
Do you challenge what they say? is it possible that they are wrong?
Are you yet a lost sheep singing but a worn out song?
So if you would be Christian take not your lead from Church
But from the author of the faith and inwardly then search
For the Kingdom of the heaven’s not found in temples built by man
Because the body is the temple where the Holy Spirit may be found
So come then seek the Spirit who will guide you on the way
Who will give you that true power to find the truth, the rightful way
So you may have the mind of Christ and know you are God’s son
And that the worldly mind’s illusion which by error once begun
Of course this seems a nonsense to the worldly mind
Which is of the error, which such error would you bind
But the truth is not the error and the error is not truth
So come then seek the Spirit which is the truth of you
For Spirit gives life to Spirit and in Spirits image we are made
This is of the all in all which is the true and rightful way
Indeed if you’d be Christian let the Bible be your guide
But always ask The Spirit to open up your eyes
Then you’ll know all others are brothers in The Christ
For love, which is divinely, covers all the infinite
Yes I know of other faiths, I know of other ways
But in the end it’s Spirit, which always saves the day
For we are unified in Spirit not by coercion of any law
An old and sacred teaching which speaks of one accord
So unless we accept in Spirit there’s no acceptance real at all
Yes I accept in Spirit multicultural and all
Of course by worldly mind we sin so forgiveness need be sought
And by forgiven nature need spread it far abroad
When you forgive forgiveness reigns and brothers are set free
From the bind that worldly minds have brought to you and me.