True Loves Destiny

If The Christ is not within me
Then the Christ cannot be found
For surely in The Spirit
There is a common ground
But if I judge by mere appearance
By the use of worldly mind
Then I’ll ever wander like a sheep
And The Christ within not find
But if in faith I believe in truth
Then by truth I will be saved
For truth which The Christ of God
Always saves the day
Now the Kingdom of the Heaven
Is found and deep within
All of God’s creation
It is there for all to win
Yet many are the seekers
Who seek Christ in the book
And never sit quietly in their room
So inside they never look
And so do not find The Christ
Which is the life from God
And plod along in ignorance
And by worldly minds still shod
What can I say to such a man
But be still and know I AM
The life in all creation
Then will he understand?
Or put his trust in rituals
By which he expects to find
The love of God, The Christ within
The truth come of God’s mind
Now I look at your tradition
Where many denominations found
Where’s there’s talk of amalgamation
To seek a common ground
But if one truly is in Spirit
What separation could there be?
For you will have found The Christ within
Which is true love’s destiny