The Greeting for the wise men

We do not live outside ourselves
But by spirit do we live
For all is of the spirit
The all in all’s a gift
And it comes without exception
Needs no approval for it’s worth
It is the joy of being
At the ending of the search
Now you may oppose the spirit
And reap a harvest from such seed
But alignment with the spirit
By spirit then you’re freed
So will you come then to the spirit
Or still wander like a sheep
Forever seeking here and there
In this world to meet your need?
So then be in the world not of it
If you’d find the perfect peace
Be still and know that I am
And come home unto the feast
So then take you to your room
In stillness oft repeat
A word that’s sacred to you
That way you’ll come to me
It’s wise to seek me often
To be sure you are complete
Created in my image
The truth that wise men greet
I don’t deny you things of world
But I put them in their place
For their rewards are not lasting
For they are not of that true grace
So journey then when in this world
As a stranger to this place
And don’t be in a hurry
But steadfast in the grace