In light in love

Reconciliation will be known when one comes to understand
In truth there is but love and light and all is in God’s hand
So you who would know of love in whatever tradition found
Come to understand in light in love there is a common ground
And you who say you’re Christian who are truly Christian bent
Remember one you call The Christ in love by light was sent
And he was sent for you to see for you to understand
That you too are the sons of light for all is in God’s hand
For all have but one father this is true of every man
So judge not by mere appearance but come to understand
And if you judge the father by the error of my ways
You will not know the truth of God and be one who’s yet unsaved
For Christ has told you plainly judge not by what you see
But come to understand in truth in love there is but divinity
“For as you do it to the least you do it unto me
For I am one with one called God for all eternity”
And you are one with one called God this truth will set you free
From the guilt that once arose by the error once conceived
So this reconciliation is complete but as yet is not perceived
By the minds of worldly men who yet are those deceived.