Our Fathers House

Since all of us have strayed like sheep
Where did we all stray from?
Was it not from our Father’s house
To which all of us belong?
And since we are of our Father’s house
And His view is that divine
In truth we have not left at all
Is this not of Christed mind?
Our errors are not greater
Than the truth that God extends
So no longer regard another
From a worldly view my friend
For all of us, yes everyone
From a spiritual point of view
In truth is an extension
Which is divine in me and you
So when you greet a brother
In faith with Christed mind
Judge not by mere appearance
But a rightful judgement find
For all of us have come of light
And to light we will return
Once again in our Fathers House
Which will be the last Amen.
But each one in his season
That’s when his time is right
That’s when he finds the Christ within
His oneness with the Light.