What yardstick does a wise man use
To judge a spiritual truth?
Surely not his worldly mind
Which from spirit is aloof
But one which is of spirit
Which sees beyond the worldly scene
To the truth of God’s creation
Which is the truth of you and me
Of course this is quite contrary
To the thought of worldly mind
But the truth is not the error
For the truth is of divine
What yardstick then shall I use
To make right judgement now?
By what the world dictates to me
Or the truth of our God’s house?
Some followers have found the house
From which all of us once strayed
And the sheep furthest from God’s house
By our thoughts now need be saved
So come then if you’d follow
The one some call The Christ
And know that all your brothers
Have come of one true light
And even though we’ve strayed like sheep
Of our father’s house we are
Whether we’re at one with him
Or in error yet afar
So no longer regard any other
From a worldly point of view
But with view come of light
The Christ in me and you
This is the hope and glory
To which we need aspire
So align your thinking to lords
To be at one with God’s desire

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