Of One Accord

You will not find the Christ within
Just by reading books
But by being very still
Inside you need to look
Then one day you’ll become aware
Of the presence of God’s love
It’s then you understand the truth
Which comes and of above
And you will know your worldly mind
Is that quite contrary to
The love that comes of one true God
For it shines in all, it’s true
Now many are the seekers
Yet few are they who find
Because they’re stuck on the intellect
On their worldly minds
Some are stuck on Hallelujahs
On rituals and the like
And still they wander as lost sheep
Unaware of the divine
So come then sit in silence
And wait upon the Lord
And then one day you’ll know in truth
There is but one accord
For all are of one Father
Beyond the worldly mind
Be still and know that I AM
For all you see is mine.