Where is The Kingdom?

“My Kingdom is not of this world”
So where then is it found?
In what is called The Spirit
Which is the Holy ground?
So the Spirit a dimension
Beyond our worldly minds
How then do I seek it?
How then do I find?
“Be still and know that I AM”
The life in all that is
The world but an illusion
Comprehendeth this?
Yes I know that this is difficult
So be strong then in your faith
And live not by what is seen
But by what is called The Grace
And the Grace that’s in the masters
Will take you to your home
Which is the life in Spirit
Which is God’s very own
If all fall short of Glory
How does the Spirit see?
By what is called our worldly minds
What worldly minds decree?
Of course not for the Spirit
Is that most contrary to
The worldly mind that follows
The shallow worldly view