The goodness of God

My good does not depend upon
The fruit of worldly minds
My good has been established
Beyond the right and wrong
Beyond the good and evil
Which in truth does not exist
For such good and evil
Is of this world not His
In this world there’s good and evil
For this world is falling short
Of what is called the glory
The glory of the Lord
So we are urged to put upon
The nature called divine
To imitate our Father
To bring us into line
To set our minds on things above
To live by what’s unseen
To live by faith in one true God
The one who is supreme
So then who can condemn me?
For by God I’m truly loved
Which is the truth that sets me free
For it is and of above
In error we oft use yardsticks
Which are and of this world
And so we measure in error
And the truth do not unfurl
For God’s kingdom is not of this world
With this you must agree
If you are to find the truth
Which is of divinity