True followers of The Christ?

How can I be loving
If I see with worldly eyes
And judge by mere appearance
And the truth in others deny?
Does God see with worldly eyes?
Are we to imitate our God
To see beyond the folly
With which our worldly minds are shod?
How then can I do such a thing
Without a measure of faith
Thus to be a new creation
And a co-creator of the way
What’s the use of saying
Jesus Christ’s my lord?
If you do not have the mind of Christ
You are not of spirit’s shore
So then forgive me for my foolishness
And judge not by what you see
Be in the world not of it
Then the truth will set you free
Now many are the seekers
But few are they who find
For they do not die to self
But cling to their worldly minds
Is Christ’s kingdom of this world?
Be in the world not of it
So come then be in spirit
Then by spirit you will profit
Now you can sing great hallelujahs
And follow those who rant and rave
Who impose their views upon you
Who are not themselves yet saved
How easy it is to manipulate
Those lost upon the way
Who are not prepared to investigate
But who follow on like slaves