The Way

Jesus will lead you brother
To the truth that sets you free
But you’re the one to do it
It’s your job to turn the key
Now Jesus can’t do this for you
For to do it would deny
The freewill that is given you
By what is called divine
But you cannot turn the key my friend
Without a Christ like mind
Which sees beyond illusions
Which worldly minds design
So if you would know of freedom
Which is of the Christ within
You need die to such illusions
And what is now called sin
So come then die to the illusions
That worldly minds create
And in dying be one who’s born again
Thus freedom to create
You are then a co-creator
With one the Jesus famed
And you’ll walk in freedom
Along what is called The Way
You say you don’t believe me?
Well contemplate on this
In truth there is but truth my friend
To be found when you are his
And you cannot be one of his
Without a likewise mind
His Kingdom is not of this world
But of that which is divine