The Spirit or The Law?

I know a man who reads the Bible
Morning noon and night
Who takes communion often
But is yet to find the light
He keeps all his Church’s rituals
Saints days and the like
But hasn’t searched within himself
And has not yet found The Christ
His trouble as I see it
He’s made Church and Bible law
And in doing so The Spirit
Is no longer at his door
I wonder if one day he’ll stop
And re-appraise his sight
And come home unto The Master
Of The Word and of The Light
I wonder if he’ll ever
Have the mind of Christ
And see as he is seen this day
By The Master of the Light
I wonder how he sees me
Outside his church’s door
Will he ever see me
As does the one he calls his Lord?
What can I say to such a man
That will open up his door
So he may find The Christ within
To know he lives forevermore?
Well search within dear brother
For that’s where The Christ is found
Then you will know as you are known
And will live on firmer ground