The long and narrow road

How hard to be a Christian
Indeed narrow is the road
For one has to see beyond
What worldly eyes impose
To see in others there is of truth
Which truth is of our God
Which lives within the heaven
Which is and ever was
Now nothing lives except of God
For no other power is
Be still and know I am
The Christ in all that lives
This Christ which is the love from God
Is oft called the all in all
And of course in Spirit
In truth there never was a fall
Or else naught could ever be
For without the power of God
There would be no creation
And then no creation was
Now all have come of heaven
However far we’ve strayed
Yet the truth is in us all
Which truth will ever save
And so in truth there’s freedom
From the chains of worldly minds
And those truly in the spirit
Are the ones who truly find
Now the all is in the all of us
And it matters not how it’s found
And by finding one is blessed
And by love one wears the crown