The Kingdom of The Lord

If Christ’s Kingdom is not of this world
To what world does it belong?
Is there some other way of thinking
That sings other than worldly songs?
What if there is of Spirit
Our true and rightful home
Beyond what now seems to be
A place of Godly throne
A place where we are one with God
As the truthful master is
Where we share a common bond
With all that ever is
Where there is no separation
Where everything is one
Christ in us and God in Christ
His true and rightful son
And this we find when faithful live
By that which is unseen
Christ’s Kingdom is not of this world
But of The One supreme
Is this not true of all men
Whether they seek or not?
For surely there are no favorites
With one we call our God
So let us live by what’s unseen
And judge not by what is seen
To forgive those yet unknowing
Of the truth that sets us free.