The Kingdom of Divine

Christ’s Kingdom is not of this world
With this you must agree
If you are to contact love
And to find divinity
For of Divine you truly are
And have forever been
So seek then not of this world
For the truth that sets you free
For truth is of The Spirit
Not seen by worldly eyes
The fruit of worldly vision
Comes of Father of the lies
In truth all is of Spirit
And when in vision seen
The Oneness of creation
Comes truly unto thee
But what of worldly natures
Which we in error make?
Well the truth is not the error
For all of Heaven’s sake.
So forgive me for my errors
And never truth forsake
For the glory of all being
Comes of a Godly Grace
Yet oft in our unknowingness
Take errors to our hearts
Which is unwise and foolish
For this does not the truth impart