The Keeper of the Keep

The world you see begets the world
Well, what else could it do?
Until it awakens to the truth
To the Spirit which is true
But when awakened there is no need
To forsake what’s called the world
Be in the world not of it
Do you see by Gospel earn?
Of course this world’s insatiable
Whatever you acquire
Does not placate the need you have
Which is the spirit’s desire
In Spirit there is contentment
For it has naught to seek
For it knows there is within
That of Godly keep
So it relies on godly keep
And no condemnation seeks
For it knows the truth of man
Is not of world’s deceit
You say that you are one deceived?
Well surely not by truth
Be in the world not of it
Is the Spirit not the proof?
Of course you need forgiveness
And by forgiving turn the cheek
Or else you’re still subject to the world
And as yet will need to seek
Where can you find The Spirit?
Except in quietness seek
Be still and know that I AM
The keeper of the keep
Has God left us abandoned?
Would love ever fail to love?
So trust, have faith in loving
For you see it is of God