The Hope and the Glory

Are you really serious?
Do you truly search
Or just go through the motions?
Do you seek a second birth?
Tell me where are you searching?
Where do you hope to find
What is called The Christ within?
Inside your worldly mind?
Do you think it’s in the Bible
Which tells you where to look?
Do you take you to your room
And seek the spirit hood?
For all are of the spirit
Whether they seek or not
For spirit gave life to spirit
None in truth forgot
So how do you see me brother?
Do you judge by what you see
Which is the mere appearance
And not the truth of me?
For the truth which is within us
That’s the truth that sets us free
When you overcome this world
That’s when you “come to me”
So then all is of the spirit
All else but illusions made
By our foolish worldly minds
By which we are not saved
No easy task to overcome
So call on Spirit’s help
Which is there for all of us
For our spiritual health