The Good News

Does love seek love? why would it?
Does it not know it is
The Glory of all being
The very truth of it?
The glory of my being
Is called The Christ within
Which is the love of one called God
The holy prize to win.
“It is not I that do these things
But he the who lives in me”
The one that truly is the good
Is that not plain to see?
And so it is of all men
Whether afar or whether found
The Glory of our being
Is by the Glory Crowned
This is the truth that sets us free
From our foolish worldly minds
Which are but errors of our ways
Which are not of the light
Now love sees not with worldly eyes
But ever does extend
The glory of it’s being
To everyone my friend
So come then let us all confess
And by renewal of our minds
Have the vision of The Christ
To release us from our binds
Now we’re forgiven thus we need
Forgiveness to extend
To bring us to our Father’s house
Thus wise to make amends
So forgive me for my foolishness
And never fail to see
That underneath such foolishness
There lives The Christ in me
And this is of the heaven
And this will truly be
Manifested in this world
When the Spirit’s freed in me