The Contrary View

Why of all the ones who seek
There are but few who find?
Do the ones who find my friend
Have true renewal of their minds?
How thinks the mind of him who finds
With that of a worldly view?
Or one that imitates our God
The truth of me and you?
Indeed we all have strayed like sheep
And thus have occluded views
But the error is not the truth
Of either me or you
Now the truth is of the spirit
And if the spirit we do not find
Then we cannot come to him
Or be grafted in the vine
Now this truth which is of spirit
Is true spirit which is within
Or else no one could ever find it
And no one could ever win
Now no one can enter heaven
The heaven which is within
Unless he takes all his brothers
Of the truth, not of the sin
For all have come of truth my friend
Which truth will set us free
From our errors our contrary views
This is how the spirit sees
We may judge by mere appearance
And from spirit remain aloof
Forever wandering like a sheep
Without true spiritual view
For all of us there is freewill
Since true love cannot impose
Restrictions on his creation
Come seek and find and know
Of course forgiveness does not condone
Unloving acts of man
Yet forgiveness sees beyond this world
To the truth that God began