State of Origin

What is our state of origin?
Is it not the love of God
In whom we have our being
Who is and ever was?
And is the glory of our being
Not of His loving thought?
What other power is greater
Than our God, our Lord?
In truth you see there is but truth
And this truth we all may find
For it is there within us
Revealed in God’s good time
What is God’s will except in us
He should reveal himself
The glory of our being
Is of God’s eternal wealth
Although we all have strayed like sheep
Of our Father’s house we are
Whether we are at home with him
Or in straying yet afar
So judge not by mere appearance
By a foolish worldly mind
But accept the truth of His creation
And be grafted in the vine
For The One we call The Christ
Reconciled the world unto himself
So like wise have the mind of Christ
Which is of Godly wealth