Spiritual Eyes

When one is in the spirit one sees with spiritual eyes
No longer judging by what is seen with ones worldly eyes
How then do I see you, you who have strayed like sheep?
Do I see beyond the folly that worldly mind conceives?
Well I do if I am in spirit, then I see you all the same
However far from father’s house you and I have strayed
For in truth there is but father’s house when seen with spiritual eyes
No longer then is one deceived by the father of the lies
So then no condemnation for those truly in the Christ
For they overcome the world and return unto the light
For did not one some call The Christ reconcile the world unto himself
And being one with father knows of all the father’s house?
Thus you see it’s not by works however good they are
But it’s by overcoming this world that arises morning star
Will you let the world deceive? do you wish for second birth?
Then be still and know that I am and that to me all are of worth
For God sees not with worldly eyes for these are of straying man
God sees all things in Spirit, which by his love began
So if you would know of Godly world by this world be not bound
But see beyond the worldly view to what in truth is found
And God’s world is found by faith for it’s beyond all worldly minds
Come then overcome by faith and be grafted in the vine