Son of Light

You say you are a Christian well how do you see me now?
From a worldly point of view or with a Christed brow?
If you judge me by my errors by my foolish worldly ways
Your mind is not on things above for it’s by truth that all are saved
In truth you see there is but truth beyond what seems to be
For beyond our foolish worldly minds there lives divinity
For all of the creation whether this is known or not
Is of the one true spirit which is called our God above
So then if you’d be Christian come and have the mind of Christ
And live in all humility as a true son of the light
And if you lack compassion recall that you were given
Compassion as a freewill gift by one whom is of heaven
And if you are impatient then recall eternity
Where time can have no meaning or have reality
And if you think you lack a thing that is of Spirit’s line
Remember all is in us all, which we may recall in time
But only if you desire this and are committed to the cause
Can you hope to reveal the truth, which is called The Christ, The Lord
So come then live in patience for surely there will be revealed
That which has been given you which is presently concealed
But this is not revealed to you until your house is tidied up
Until you overcome this world which is not the truth thereof