Second Birth

Do you say you are born again
And have a mind renewed?
Do you see then in a different light
Or how you used to do?
If you see others as you used to do
What renewal has there been?
Do you see them but as sinners
Or those come of supreme?
How would you have me see you
With a mind renewed?
Then do you unto others
As you’d have them do to you
If you see me but as worldly man
Then your mind’s not on above
For all men are of Spirit
Whether they have found or not
No one has ever found the Christ
Other than within
And it is there for all to find
The victory there to win
Your worldly self is not the truth
‘Tis but reaction to this world
It is not then of Spirit
But of a contrary word
So see again your worldly view
Know it’s of a worldly mind
And that which is quite contrary
To the Spirit you may find
No easy road that called “The Way”
For it requires a different view
To see anew in a different light
The truth of me and you
Of course I have a worldly mind
As all of us now do
But in what’s called the life to come
I’ll know the truth of you
But I cannot have a mind renewed
If I see ever but your sin
So I need to set my mind upon
Above to “Come to Him”
Yet of my worldly mind oft fail
So call on Spirit’s help
To carry then the burden
That over burdens self
And in those times I fail to see
I’ll know that love forgives
And gives me strength to follow on
The example that Christ is
If I truly forgive your sin
Then ever is it forgiven
No longer hanging round my neck
To hold me in it’s prison
And thus it is “His will be done”
On earth as in the heaven
No longer am I held in chains
But live as one who’s leaven.
Do you say you are born again
And have a mind renewed?
If this is true I’m blessed by it
And so indeed are you
And since there’s but one Father
Then all men are his son
Whether they have found or not
That which our God begun
For the hope and that called glory
Is of the Christ within
Planted there by one called God
For all of us to win.