In truth you see there is but truth
All else but errors made
And so you see it is the truth
That always saves the day
So come then have faith in what’s called truth
Which is of the love of God
Who is and ever will be
And who forever was
This is the way of one called Christ
So follow in his steps
If you would be at one with him
And God’s true love beget
It’s then you are grafted in the vine
At one with the divine
One who’s truly born again
His new creation finds
But do not forget true seekers
That love is come of God
Channeled as it was through Christ
Who thus wise was his son
And so it is for those who find
What’s called The Christ within
It’s then one becomes a channel
For the love that’s come through him
And remember it was said by Christ
Why do you call me good?
For good is of the one called God
The truth, the spirit hood.