Risen in the Spirit

Can this Christ, this love of God
Be found by those outside
Of what is called the Christian Church
Does not the truth in all abide?
For if the truth is not in all
Whether in or outside such Church
Then God in his creation
Would be limited in birth
But there cannot be a limit
Of God who’s all in all
For you see in reality
There never was a fall
So then you who would find the Christ
This love of God within
Need see all your brothers come of light
And thus wise come to him
For the one some call their master
Has reconciled us all
Whatever our tradition
For he knows the all in all
So then in Christ we’re reconciled
Whether yet known or not
For there never was a favourite
In the eyes of God
For you see he has created
By His Spirit, spirit given
And those who find the spirit
By spirit then are risen
But sadly of all those who seek
There are yet but few who find
Because their view is limited
And by limitation blind