You’ll feel the power of what’s called love
When you find the Christ within
Then you’ll know as I know now
What it is like to win
And when you find the Christ within
You’ll see your worldly man
As that which is of foolishness
Which is built on shifting sand
But if you’re yet to find the Christ
The Christ which is within
Do not despair or fret my friend
For it is there for all to win
For one called God created
All men as he himself
This is the truth that sets one free
From that of worldly wealth
The further one is from the truth
The more one needs protect
That with which he clothes himself
Which unknowingness begets
Like you the one who’s most afar
Has experiences from which to tell
And which he needs to recognize
For these are now his hell
And until he finds unknowingness
To be his folly yet
He will not turn to seek within
The Christ that love begets
So those of you who are more awake
Yes you who now are first
Need put the last one in your place
And to recognize his worth
And to understand by knowingness
Which by experience you found
That with God is no favorites
And all of Holy Ground
This is ground of being
The divine is within
Whether or not has found
It is for all to win.