Love by Light and knowledge

It’s not the word that makes the word
But the spirit in which it’s said
Thus as you sow so shall you reap
This becomes your daily bread
It’s not the work that makes the work
But the spirit in which it’s done
There is much space ‘tween compassion
And condescension son
And if you cannot yet create
From a base sincerely grown
It’s better to refrain my son
From taking credit you do not own
Yet do the deed when it’s required
To relieve another’s plight
But keep in mind that love that’s true
Comes ever of the light
Compassion comes of knowledge
From true knowledge that is found
Through trials and tribulations
One wears that knowledge crown
True knowledge comes through experience
Not from words written in a book
For one has known the opposite
And where in truth to look
So everything works for the good
For those who seek The Christ
For they know through knowledge gained
The need there is for light
But for those who are yet stubborn
Not yet prepared to yield
Will not find the Spirit
Which to them remains concealed