Life in the Spirit

If the all is in us all
And heaven’s kingdom is within
Is not the Christ in all of us
That we may come to him?
There are no exclusive brethren
Some favored, others without
Unless by one’s refusal
This has come about by doubt
So come then let us live by faith
Of God’s love within us all
For that is where the truth is found
Where peace and love installed
This is the place of unity
Beyond all traditions found
Come in stillness seek him
And by him wear the crown
Of course in this world troubled
For this is a troubled place
But the truth which is our home
Is come and by God’s grace
It’s then the search is over
Again in our father’s house
No longer tossed here and there
By our worldly minds, our doubt
And so I live in freedom
Of the truth of one and all
The end is the beginning
When peace and love installed
Of course I may judge by mere appearance
And regard that as the truth
But if that were to be the case
From spirit would remain aloof
For one cannot have it both ways
One foot here, the other there
Or else by folly and by doubt
One continues in despair
So then my good depends not
Upon the fruit of worldly minds
But upon the love of God
By which I’m grafted in the vine