All judgements sit upon our heads
Well, where else could they go?
For as we sow so shall we reap
Did Christ not tell us so?
By all means have opinions
But leave judgements unto God
Who is the one all knowing
Who is and ever was
No easy task to turn the cheek
For oft it seems to us a loss
But be strengthened by The Spirit
Which Spirit is of God
This Spirit, this all loving
Will never fail your need
If by faith you live in Spirit
You let Spirit intercede
Which one is more which one is less
In ever loving’s eyes?
Would you not be one who’s perfect
As you Father is, all wise?
No wonder then that many seek
No wonder but few who find
For we do not die unto ourselves
But cling to our worldly minds
Such minds are those yet falling short
Of the glory of The Lord
Be still and know that I AM
And be of one accord
So shall I judge by mere appearance
Or at last right judgement make
So that I may be at one with God
And know of heaven’s sake