In Spirit outside your Doors

Am I loved the lesser
Because I stand outside your church?
Is the spirit now alive in me
Of a lesser worth?
O foolish is the minds of those
Now within your doors
Who think that they’re more special
Because Jesus is their lord
There cannot be or ever was
One who’s less or more
Whatever their religion
Whom ever they adore
With God there are no favorites
Does He judge by what he sees
Or does he know for certain
The certain victory?
So be wary on your journey
Judge not by what you see
For in truth you see there is but truth
Which is divinity
And though we all have strayed like sheep
Of our Father’s house we are
Whether we’re at home with him
Or whether yet afar
And you can be at one with him
Whether within or outside church doors
For I have found the Spirit within
Which Spirit is the Lord.