How does God see my neighbour?
Does he see with worldly eyes?
Is he deceived by worldliness
By son of father of the lies?
So then would I be wise my friend
To imitate our God
Who knows the truth of all things
That have come of the above?
So what then of this father
This father  of the lies
Are these not the mere appearances
That I’m asked to leave behind?
So then do not all the wise men
Set their minds on things above
And judge not by mere appearances
But by the love of God
So then when I see my neighbour
In faith I  may believe
By faith in truth that he is of God
That our God  had once decreed
So then within us one and all
There lives the love of light
Yet many are the seekers
But few are they who find
For they still judge with worldly eyes
And die not unto themselves
Thus wise are not born again
Do not know that all is well
So wise men die to what seems true
To mere appearances  the lies
And thus wise are they born again
With truly loving eyes