His Kingdom Come

When does His kingdom come my friend
If it does not come by works?
It comes through those who are open
To what is called “The Word”
Its then one becomes a channel
For true love to be expressed
As true love is given one
It is by God’s bequest
And so you see these words have come
As a guide along the way
To those who would be open
To Christ life beyond the grave
Now The Word you see is not of words
For it is far beyond such things
It is of what is called true love
Which is the truth of everything
And this truth will set you free
From your worldly minds
Which are those of straying sheep
And not of the divine
So if you’d follow one called Christ
Then set your mind upon
That which is above this world
To that where truth belongs
Yes I know it seems to all of us
That this world is that of truth
But have faith, be ever steadfast
Then you will have the proof
And this will come in God’s good time
So be patient, strong in faith
Give thanks on each and every day
And be dependent on God’s grace
There is what you are and what you seem
And these are not the same
One is of The Spirit
And the other worldly gained
So come then think as Brother Paul
Set your mind on things above
No longer regarding others
As of this world but of true love
And God alone is what’s called love
Have no doubt within your mind
For unless you have the mind of Christ
You’re not yet grafted in the vine