Father & Son

If there is in truth one Father
And but one begotten son
Is this not quite contrary?
To what my senses once begun?
Is this then how we stray like sheep
From our Father’s house?
Yet still there is within us
Hope and Glory to be found
Now glory is of the Father
And not of the begotten son
For surely it’s by the power of God
That all things once begun
Praise then God, creation
The Father of us all
And live again in Spirit
So the truth you may recall
For surely there’s but one Father
And but one begotten son
Who is the Christ, the all in all
Which is God’s Kingdom come
Judge not by mere appearance
Or by the error of my ways
But live again in Spirit
Yourself and others then you save
If you forgive quite truly
Then forgiveness truly is
Aligned with one, our Father
Who is the truth of all that is.