Beyond the body

I am not this body
This body is not me
This is but the cloak I wear
When upon this sea
For I am of the spirit
And by spirit given life
Which is the truth of all men
For all come of the light
And of course we all have strayed
Seemingly apart from the one
Who is the source of all that is
Indeed all is of the son
And the one we call The Christ
Has reconciled all unto himself
This is the truth that sets you free
Will you reconcile as well?
Or will you now and ever
Wander like a sheep
Seeking salvation here and there
On things you cannot keep?
For the things that are of this world
Have no lasting truth
For when you lay aside the cloak
They are lost and gone from you
So then believe you are of truth
And this not by your works
But by the one called spirit
At the ending of the search