As it is and ever was

How does God see my neighbor?
Does He see with worldly eyes?
Is he deceived by worldliness
By the father of the lies?
Does He not know the truth of all?
Which truth will ever free
So come then be in the world not of it
No longer be deceived
For what is called God’s Kingdom
Is not seen with worldly eyes
So judge not by mere appearance
To be re-born, to come alive
As I approach the love of God
Such love approaches me
I need be mindful whom I listen to
On my journey unto thee
For many think they are teachers
But little have they found
Yet they observe all rituals
For by them they think they’re crowned
But crowning comes through openness
And comes of the love of God
The ending of the search my friend
Is as it is and ever was
So will you see your brother
Whether Christian whether Jew
Whether any other religion
As God is seeing you?
Are you prepared to imitate
One you call your God
And to forgive now all your brothers
Who walk this earthly sod?
If you will you’ll know the Sonship
And will know as you are known
In truth there is much about you
Which is not of this world grown
For the seed which is divinely
Is within us this I know
For I have found The Christ within
And with such love I glow
And this love is of the Father
The Father of us all
For He knows the truth about us
As it was before the fall
And so through Christ we’re reconciled
But first we need to find
What is called the love of God
Come through a Christ like mind
Of course in this world I’m troubled
My worldly man sees worldly man
But I know deep down within me
This isn’t what God began
For knowledge is within me
That’s where the kingdom is
So I pray for revelation
Which will bring eternal bliss
As I live in and by the Spirit
I cannot then assert
That the truth is not within you
Which is the source of second birth
Of course this is a nonsense
To our worldly minds
But God’s kingdom is not of this world
But in the truth abides.