Another way to see

What if I should see you
Other than you seem to be
See you as a spirit
And that of Spirit’s mean
Would I be one who’s foolish
Or one by Spirit fed
Who sees beyond the error
Of our foolish worldly breads?
Would I need a mind renewed
With another way to see
The truth which is come of God
The truth that sets us free?
And would I not with mind renewed
Turn the other cheek
And not take on board the folly
That worldly minds conceive?
And would such mind be one with Christ
Who says, “Come unto me”
For I am of the truth, the light
Which is divinity
And does such way of thinking
Deny the sin I see?
For all of us are sinners
For by worldly minds conceive
And all such minds are falling short
Of the glory of The Christ
Who is the hope and glory
At one with God, the light
But if the Christ is not in me
How can I ever find?
But ever wander like a sheep
Apart from the divine
Why is it that many seek
And why is it few find?
Do they follow on like sheep
The dictates of worldly minds?
So what is there of me and you
Beyond what seems to be
But the love of one called God
That true divinity