A most worthy life

In truth you see there is but truth
Well what other could there be?
So it’s believing in the truth
That you truly “Come to me”
So then you see it is the truth
You need set your mind upon
To live and have a mind renewed
To know you are God’s son
And this is true of all men
Of those near and those afar
For beyond what we call this world
There lives our morning stars
And when we live by what’s unseen
Which is the truth from God
We live a life, which is renewed
A life most worthy of
So then shall I believe of you
What my worldly eyes perceive
And judge by mere appearance
Which is not the truth? Do you see?
Now there is no way that you can live
In spirit and of this world
And hope that you may stand
On what I call the firmer ground
For those who follow Jesus
Have been told without a doubt
To be in this world not of it
And your mind to turn about